We'll Grow Up When We Feel Like It

Hanging out on Tuesday night, it's ten past two but we're still feeling fine. We just woke up four hours ago. Top down, it's cold but we got coats. Don't know where we want to go, blasting all the songs we wish we wrote. It never feels too late when I'm with you. 

All my life I've been waiting for someone to come around and change me, rearrange me, but now I seem to be so good. I just misunderstood me.

People say grow up and settle down. They did, and just look at them now. Not much to brag about I'd say. And when the sun is coming up, it never feels like it's enough. I'd do nothing with you all day. I never feel too bored when I'm with you. They must be bored with what they've done, jealous we're still having fun. People tell us to settle down, life's not meant to be spent hanging out on Tuesday night at ten past two and still be feeling fine. We just woke up, and now I know...

  • Radagun