Late at night I've got a chill on my skin. One more time, I wait for it to happen. My blood is frozen, my hands are weak. I've got one thing to ask you. 

If seeing isn't believing, then tell me what's this I'm reading? Is something weighing on your mind? You're bleeding, I'm barely breathing. Same scars but with different meaning. You show me yours and I'll show you mine. 

Something's different. The planchette's swaying, and now I know that this is not a game. I'm trying to reach you from the other side. Tell me your story. Remind me that I'm alive.

A never ending deja vu, I look and I can see right through. You have to know this isn't right. You walk the same path every night just to live out this scene. 

Wondering how these walls feel like they're watching me, and it's cold and much too quiet. You've got me haunted. 

  • Radagun