Better's Never Right

Sometimes we catch ourselves in something we can't undo. It's like we know it happened, but it's so hard to prove. I am a haunted house with broken glass on the shelves. You've got a million reasons, I only blame myself. 

Tell me now that it's over, and I'll understand it when I'm older. It's not me, not meant to be, and I'm too young to disagree, so too bad for me. 

I pass by water fountains throwing my money in. I want my wish so bad, but my hope is growing thin. I'd like to buy an airplane and fly my thoughts away. I think it'd make me happy even if you didn't stay. It always feels so different when you are all alone. You say that I'll still see you, I can't see you on the phone. You try to make it better, but better's never right. Another case of, "It's not you, it's me."

  • Radagun