Todd Low

I was born in Orlando, FL and shortly after that moved to Tampa, FL. In 4th grade we moved to West Chester, PA. This is where I started taking percussion classes. In 7th grade we moved to Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (Orange County). I started my first band with my good friend Chris, it was called Vivid. I attended Mission Viejo High School and joined the marching band. Mike Jackson and Jim Wunderlich were the instructors of the drumline. In 10th grade we moved back to West Chester, PA and then after only one year, moved back to Ranch Santa Margarita, CA where I finished out my high school education at Mission Viejo.

In my senior year I was selected as the drumline section leader and that same year we finished 1st place inWGI (an international drumline competition). I was very fortunate to be awarded a full scholarship to play drums for Fresno State. While at Fresno State I played in both the drumline and scholarship band. This was a blast as I got to work with a variety of talents and personalities allowing me to develop my own flavor of drumming.

While at Fresno State I really got into web design and starting building websites for some friends. At the same time I was also teaching a few high school drumlines. One of my students, Anthony, was in a band so I made them a free website to build my portfolio. A few weeks later a local band by the name of Flight 409 asked me to build them a website. While building their website we began hanging out and became friends. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but there was a falling out with their drummer and so they asked me to fill in. I stepped in and ended up staying with them for about 4 years.

In June 2006, we were asked to play a show at the local fair and Aimee was the promoter for this show. We met a few times to discuss various details about the show. While at the show we talked a lot and planned our first date to go see Nacho Libre. While dating I was wanting to start a solo project, but I am a terrible singer. I asked Aimee to sing and she was reluctant at first. The first song we colaborated on was "From Now" and we recorded the vocals in our broom closet.

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