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What dose your band name mean? from your biggest fan lol

Please see the answer to the question, "How did you come up with your name?" I don't think the answer to this question would be very different. =]

When are you guys are coming to Fresno,California cuz i really want to go to see you guys play?

As soon as we have tour dates we will post them on our website with plenty of notice, so be sure to check back! :)

What happened to the guitarist and bass player you had?

We have different musicians play shows with us at different times depending on when they're available, or where our shows are.

Did you have a guy named Darren in your band?

No, we've never had anyone named Darren in our band. But you might be thinking of Darren Corbell from our videos. He was a student in the classroom in the Runaway video, and the bass player in the Not The One video. We decided we wanted to sneak him into all our videos just for fun. He's a good friend of ours.

How did you come up with your name?

Officially, it's Nugadar backwards. But, the actual REAL answer is: Todd used to be in a band called Flight 409. He designed their logo using a font called Radagund. He wrote the music for some of their best songs, and did a lot of work to promote the band and get them as far as they got, and I always used to tell him that he's what made Flight 409 (I'm his wife so I'm allowed to think that right?). So when it came time to choose a band name I said, "Since we're both graphic designers, let's name the band after a font." So we went down the list...Times New Roman? Too ridiculous. Century Gothic? People might not expect pop music. Radagund? has a double's both a font, and what "made" Flight 409. Since we play our songs in drop D tuning, we decided to drop the last D in Radagund as well, plus Radagun sounded cooler. So there you have it. That's the real answer.

Do guys ever hit on Aimee?

I wouldn't say they hit on me, once there was a guy that said he was our biggest fan, he wanted to start a street team, bring all his friends to our shows, he was really enthusiastic about the band. He kept leaving comments on our Myspace saying he would see us at our next show, and I would reply, "Awesome! Can't wait!" Then one day he wrote me a really mean message asking when I planned on telling him I was married, he couldn't believe he had to find out from reading our bio. He said I was leading him on, and he felt stupid for saying he'd start a street team for us when there wasn't even a chance of us getting to date. There's been a few similar situations like this, and it sucks to find out our "biggest fans" don't really like our music, but I believe there are plenty of people out there that actually do like our music, so I try not to let things like this get me down.

What advice would you give to another band just starting out?

So much advice to give, mostly because we've made so many mistakes that we've learned from. One thing we've been fortunate enough to realize from the start is that you're not in competition with other bands, I don't know anyone that only listens to one band. That said, don't worry about what other bands are doing and think you have to "beat them" at anything. Some people will love your music, some people will think it's terrible, but as long as you're doing what you love, you're winning.

Where can I find this Sugar Rush song?

On our hard drive. Maybe we'll add it as a hidden track on a cd one day.

How long has Todd been playing drums? He's very good.

His older brother plays drums, and was teaching him stuff as far back as he can remember, but 15 years ago is when he took his first formal lesson.

What was the first song you wrote that you actually released?

Well if you want to get super technical, the first song to ever be on Radagun's Myspace page was called Sugar Rush, it was all techno and about 30 seconds long. From Now was the first song we completed, but Runaway was the first song we actually got recorded and released that had lyrics.

What's your favorite color?

I don't think either of us have a favorite color. All colors are nice.

How did you guys get your video on fuse?

We get this question a lot! We just sent it to them on one of those little mini DV tapes along with some information about the band. If you have a good quality recording and a professional looking video you have a pretty good shot.

Is it hard being married and being in a band together?

It's hard to say, we've never been married and not in a band together, so to us it's just married life. I think in a way it brings us closer together, we have the same job, and the same goal to be successful at our job, so it keeps us rooting for each other.

What song of yours is your favorite?

We love every song cause they're all like our babies. Each time we play one of our songs we can remember exactly how we were feeling when we wrote it, and at the same time they keep changing and taking on new meanings as time passes. I understand some of the songs more now then when we wrote them.

Where is the coolest place you have ever played/ what was your favorite show so far?

We have memories about every show we've played, some good, some bad, some just plain hilarious. I don't think we could pick a favorite at this point, we're just getting started. But I know we're always super excited about every show, it's a thrill wondering what kinds of adventures await us on the next stage.

How did you guys meet?

I was working for a local promoter booking bands for shows, and Todd was in a band called Flight 409. They were one of the bands I booked for a show, and Todd was the contact person for them. We hung out one night and started talking, and we haven't been able to shut up since.
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