Aimee Ortiz Low

I was born in Pasadena, California.  When I was in 4th grade we moved to Hanford, California, and that's where I grew up.  I was a baton twirler most of high school, but then my senior year I decided to leave behind the glamorous majorette lifestyle and audition for a school play.  I was in a few plays and musicals, and I enjoyed it so much that I did a few more plays outside of high school for The Kings Players at the Temple Theater in Hanford.   

When I wasn't on stage I went to West Hills Community College in Lemoore, California.  I took a public speaking class and our final was to do a humorous speech.  The instructor advised against trying to do stand up comedy because it was too hard to write original jokes.  I took it as a challenge and did five minutes of original jokes...mostly about the West Hills administration office staff.  It just so happened that another student in the the class worked for The Palace Indian Gaming Casino in Lemoore. He asked if I was interested in performing at the Lemoore High School Sober Grad Night, which of course I was. 

Stand up comedy was strangely addicting, like I imagine sky diving might be, except scarier.  I started booking shows all over California, and even got to perform at the world famous Comedy Store on Sunset Strip in Hollywood.  I shared the stage with many great comedians, and have many rejection letters from Comedy Central.  It was a fun time in my life. 

While doing stand up comedy, a guy who regularly booked me at shows around my hometown asked if I'd be interested in working for him booking and promoting shows with local bands in the area.  In 2006 he started The Kings of The Stage Battle of The Bands at the Kings Fair in Hanford, which still goes on every year.  That first year I was in charge of almost everything, because he was also busy with a talent show they do every year too.  I was in charge of getting all the bands together for the show and making sure they all knew what they were supposed to be doing.  

One of the bands in that show was Flight 409.  Usually Rick, their keyboard player was the contact guy for the band, I had talked to Rick in the past when I had booked Flight 409 for other shows.  But this time as fate would have it, Todd was the contact. Todd and I hit it off right away, and soon after we went on our first date.  We saw Nacho Libre! Aside from the band, Todd wanted to start a solo project, and he asked me if I would sing to the music he wrote. I asked what I was supposed to sing and he said, "Just think of some words." so I did, and we recorded "From Now" using the broom closet as a vocal booth.

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